Just one more reason that "Choosy Moms Choose Jif"

My Jonathan's silence on this subject can only mean that he has not heard the news. If anyone knew the amount of peanut butter consumed in this home, it would cause wonder.

It also puts to rest many ideas that the private labels (store brands) are any worse than national brands. I remember my dad explaining to me that many of the private labels were processed alongside national brands, but I was never quite sure if I believed him. Well, twenty years later, here it comes:

Dad, you were right. I was foolish to doubt your wisdom on the subject of food processing.

That didn't hurt too much.

Update: While I was uploading the picture, MJ came out of the shower and informed we that he knew about the recall and knew also that our far-superior brand was not in question.


Rachelle said…
Well, actually the Choosiest Moms Choose Skippy... but hey, let's not fight about it, okay? :-)

I've always heard from the "health food gurus" that traditionally processed peanut butter was bad for you because the peanuts are actually not fresh, they are "rancid" and apparently there is a lot of mold or some other yucky thing in the peanut butter... and we're all supposed to be buying that "natural" stuff that has a weird texture, and separates in the jar, and you have to keep it in the fridge. Well, we've been taking our chances with the non-natural. But I guess now the healthy types are rejoicing in their superior peanut butter choices. Oh well.

P.S. Kelly -- I'm enjoying getting caught up on your blog! I just returned to blogging after a 2-1/2 month break. I've missed you!
karlanee said…
I was relieved when I checked my peanut butter stock to see that I hadn't given into my husband's Peter Pan habits. I am a Jif eater and now, I'm glad I've never gone to the dark side!

Found your blog from a comment you made on Fruit In Season. Love your blog!

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