CraigsList has everything!

We even found a new church home!

A few weeks ago, J was completing his nightly ritual scan of the postings on the Musicians board when he happened upon an ad for a sound engineer. It would seem that a new church plant in the northern part of the valley was in need of an engineer who could mix a rock band. He replied and heard nothing (which is par for the course) until- at last!- last week a response.

So, after J talked with the man who advertised, we went to check out Grace Point Church. He was on the board this week and liked the church so much that he didn't even think twice when they asked him to come back. They church meets at a local middle school and is a non-denominational sort. (I figure I can sneak in to Our Lady of Las Vegas if I need a liturgy fix, as it were.) I think that Grace Point has the best of both worlds-- "Big Church" music and, let's be honest, production quality, but "Small Church" friendliness. (Plus, the bass player was wearing a Women's Medical Resource Center t-shirt.)


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