It's vewwy vewwy quiet...

We have decied to join the twenty-first century and upgrade our computer hardware. So, thanks to Linda Gentille, we are now sporting an Athlon 64 3500+ with 1 gig of ram and a 200 gig hard drive. Woo hoo! (I know that this isn't really something over which to get completely excited, Rick, but your old sister isn't quite the egghead you are ) No more SLNs from Windows every 40 minutes about disk space, no more shuffling apps and files around like Tetris, and no more holding my breath at start up wondering if this is the time it will go kaput. Yes, life is good. It is so quiet that I literally cannot hear the sucker. I have to stop myself from checking to make sure it is actually on!

We made out little field trip to Fry's this evening to pick up said wunderchine. This is always a mixed belssing, as Fry's is crack to my husband. Well, maybe not crack. Ed Roman Guitars is crack. Fry's is something somewhat less insidious. But it is bad, man. Very bad. His gets all glassy-eyed and start drooling...

The best part of all this is that the other machine is no longer going to be a slave to The Man, as I am going to have all sorts of fun making it useful and efficient and in the process totally making J gasp in wonder at my technical saavy. Yep, all this will happen arounf 4:30 tomorrow morning, right before my alarm clock goes off... So I will actually be happy if I can get it running with something that is somewhat less of a space hog than Windows, yanno?

And of course, there is fun for the whole family. The box is stil here in the floor, (since I will totally NOT be putting it in the community dumpster) and Tele has decided it must have been put there for her singular pleasure. Looks like mom will get to sleep in peace tonight!


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