From one extreme to the other...

This weekend saw us first in Indian Springs (about 45 minutes NW of town) and later in Clean, Green Boulder City (approx 20 mile SE of town). Given the choice, I would take Boulder City any day.

We often drive through Boulder City on our way to and from Yuma, but todat we trekked out there just to play tourist. Not the best day of the week to go, as we soon learned. We did, however, do quite a bit of wandering in the historic district and made mental notes for our next trip (which we will make sure is a Saturday).

BC is a boomtown that grew up around the camps set up for the man building Hoover (nee Buolder) Dam. Unlike its larger neighbors (Henderson, Las Vegas, et al), Boulder City allows no gaming within its corporate limits. The result is a quaint, albeit expensive, family-oriented town. Crime statistics are remarkably low, and the schools are good. We saw good-sized public parks, just in the three block radius which we walked.

Indian Springs, on the other hand, consists of a Federal Prison, Creech AFP, a trailer park, and the Indian Springs Motel/Casino- home to Dirty Moe's. The casino isn't that bad- cheap food, penny slots, and a decent dance floor in the bar. Dirty Moe's is actually a great little dive. The only trouble is that it is so far out of the way.

I must say that I thouroughly enjoyed my weekend dichotomy. Even more so, I am enjoying the down time this evening in preparation for another week in the salt mines.


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