Olympic fever?

Not so much, actually. I have been unusually uninterested in these winter games. I watched some of the snowboarding events with awe and wonder- mostly because I cannot fathom why otherwise perfectly sane people, to whom God gave two legs would choose to strap said legs to a single unit of fiberglass (?) and then shove off down a steep icy incline. It is pretty cool, I must admit.

But that is it. I watched no skating, no skiing, no curling. I just don't care as much. And I think I know why: the staggered Summer/Winter games schedule. Way back when, when the Olympics only came around every four years, it seemed like more of an occassion. Now, even though it will be four years before the world is again wowed by the likes of the Flying Tomato (is it just me, of does that sound like a crazy Muppet Show parody?), we only have two years until Beijing. Perhaps I am just getting old, perhaps the pall of cheating has tarnished the Olympic charm, perhaps celebrity has finally eclipsed athletecism. All I know is this cartoon is the funniest thing I have seen all day.


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