Baby it's cold inside.


When I got in to the office this morning, it was 50 degrees inside the trailer. Someone left the swamp cooler on last night, and we got down into the 60's. As much as it pained me, I did end up turning the heat on for a little while. Just to bring it office temp up to par, mind you.

We are entering the season of low utility bills here in the Las Vegas valley, and it is none too soon. Two months in a row of $200 electric bills was enough for this girl-- and that was keeping the thermostat up at 85!!! I actually needed a light jacket going out this morning- yay!

I love how the changing of the seasons turns thoughts to new beginnings. Not just spring, which is the most obvious, but all seasons. As the trees lose their leaves and prepare for winter (not here, obviously, but somewhere) I am reminded that I too have things to lose, habits or attitudes which may have served a purpose but are no longer useful.

How many extra leaves am I carrying that are preventing me from new growth?


trinitystar said…
Girl of my own heart. Love the changing of the seasons too. Yes, it does remind us that we too shed the old to prepare ourselves for the new.
Shall stay with your blog feel at one with you.
Have a wonderful day.
Christine said…
I love, love, love, the changing seasons too. I went to college in Miami, FL and hated the almost-year-round heat.

Thanks for commenting on my blog! As far as the quotes for that 1st sentence, that was just my own way of emphasizing. I think the actual quote over at Everyday Mommy's was "Have it Your Way".

By the way, is your husband a musician?
R.G. said…
Okay, you got me. Your question is amazing. I've never looked at Fall that way.

What habits or attitudes do I need to lose so that I can grow once more when "Spring" comes? I'll have to ponder that one.

Here in Colorado, Fall is wonderful (well, so are all the other seasons). A new chill comes into the air and I live in breathless anticipation of our first snow. It's paradoxical, because winter speaks of hibernating and dormancy, yet it brings a new beauty of its own. I guess there is beauty in the bareness that precedes the flowering.

I need to do some stripping, I guess. Give myself a good shake and see which leaves fall off.

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