Spiritual gifts...

Several years ago, our young adult group took a spiritual gifts inventory. It was very interesting, as most of had been raised in a more mailine church setting. Some of the questions about healing and prophesy felt a little uncomfortable. (My experience with charismatic churches had been very limited and, quite frankly, not positive.)

Anyway, I did learn some important things about myself and my gifts. Helps was my biggie, then service, teaching, and music. The others were a smattering here and there. I must say, I kinda felt like "helps" was pretty lame. I mean, why not exhortation or knowledge? Even discernment, but HELPS?!!? How is that for ego?

Recently, I have grown to gratitude for God's gift to me. At Gracepoint, I can help. And you know what? It fills me up!!! I love being able to provide support for the creative team; I love that I can serve behind the scenes; I love that I can, in my own small way, contribute to the life and minstry of Gracpoint. God has blessed us with an amazing family here-- it was a long time coming, belive you me!

About six weeks ago, my newfound resolve was tested. Karen, our creative director, asked me if I would step up and coordinate the drama team. Um, wow. I have to tell you, this is not a small task. We do Sunday mornings a little differently out here. My inital reaction was "yes yes yes!!!" but I successfully squelched that impulse. I asked for some time to think and pray and discuss with MJ. That was pretty much it.

I had been praying and looking for answers for quite awhile, and had come to the conclusion that I would accpet the challenge. I am satisfied that this is a God thing and not a Kelly thing. Of course, I had not yet talked to Karen.

Sunday morning I asked her if she still wanted my help with drama. I shared my concerns, and explained that my strongest spiritual gift is helps, and I don't want to go off half-cocked with another "kelly" plan.

Karen's response? "I know your gifts. I see them. And mine is discernment, and I have been praying about this from the first week you came to Gracepoint."

Wow. I cannot tell how truly humbled I am by that. Really.

Long story short, I am GP's new drama coordinator. Please pray for me, y'all. I am in new territory here. Not the drama part, but the building of a new ministry. Scary stuff, and I am not a brave girl.

Before we moved out here, J wrote an essay abou getting your boat in open waters. Well, my little canoe is headed for sea.


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