Into the wall

My father-in-law is what some might call a NASCAR fan. We, on the other hand, have been known to put a race on for our afternoon nap. Something about the drone which helps us sleep. I like to watch the last few laps and the highlights (read: the wrecks).

Those cars go, what 300-400 miles in any given race? Round and round and round. Really fast. It occurs to me that the slightest hesitation, the tiniest miscalculation could put a car into the wall. The drivers must trust their team to keep them and their cars in top shape. Ultimately, though, it doesn't matter how well put-together a machine is if the driver is not paying attention.

I am thinking that my spiritual life is like that. (Not the round in circles part) I need a solid pit crew in my church family, but when it comes down to it, I have to take responsibility for my own spiritual growth.

Becoming a part of Gracepoint has really brought this home for me. This weekend, we had the opportunity to reach out to the North Las Vegas community through Balloon-a-Palooza. We made contact with literally thousands of people. GP is a missional church, some people call it a "seeker" church. (I am not really sure I like the baggage this name carries, but that is immaterial.) Two years ago, I never would have been able to be a part of something like GP; I was not ready. At that time, I still considered Sunday mornings to be about me, my growth, my spiritual needs.

Now I see Sunday mornings a litlte differently. Sunday worship is not for me, it is for God, and our Sunday service is actually an entry point; it is our church community reaching out to the community at large. This is not to say that Devin's teaching is beneath me, to the contrary; but his lessons are designed to reach out to all. Some people would say this is milk, and I was one of them. Perhaps it is, but if I am not getting meat, it is MY fault. Each of us started life on milk, and our spiritual lives are no different.

I am no longer a baby, and not quite a baby Christian either. But you know what? Adults feed themselves. What Jon and I have been through in the last year has really brought this home for me. Looking back, I can see where God was working in our life. He taught us how to feed ourselves, and now we are better equipped to reach out to His creation.

I may still run into the wall, but it would be counter-productive to place blame anywhere but squarely on my own shoulders.


R.G. said…
What a great insight. These days, it's so easy to get into the "church hopping" mindset, thinking that each one is not good enough because it's "not feeding me." You are so right to recognize it's our own responsibility!

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