Schooled by six pounds of feline fury...

J and Tele have an interesting little game going. Whenever he is getting dressed, she tries to attack him. This ends up being much mayhem and hand play (with the vet has told us is a no-no), with J usually getting the upper hand.

Usually. Not tonight. Tonight, as he was getting dressed for band practice, the game took a different turn. I hear wrestling and laughing and-thunk! J went for Tele, missed her, and slammed him hand on our footboard. I turned around in time to see him attempt to shake it off, and I can't stop giggle about it.

Schooled. By Tele the cat. Darn.


trinitystar said…
Hi Kelly,

Telly is looking great ... dont they just always walk or sit as if they are royal catz. I have a cat called Treacle she too does crazy things. She is as black as black with very light coloured green eyes ... a bit like myself ... :o)
Thanks for the information on links. Not sure what I did wrong. Did not managae it. I shall keep trying.

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