I heard my dad smile today.

Does that make any sense? I really did hear it-- when I called the farm this afternoon. The smile, not so unusual, my dad is pretty smiling kind of guy. But this one was different; there was a lift in his voice.

The cool part is this: he was smiling because my mom came home early from work. Tonight there was nothing going at church, no Weight Watchers meeting, no PTA. Tonight, my parents had dinner together. On a weeknight. And it isn't anyone's birthday. And THAT is why my dad was smiling.

I love that my parents, after thirty-seven years of marriage, still take such delight in each other's company. I am grateful to them for their example to the sibs and me of what marriage can be-- specifically what Christian marriage can be.

Over the last four decades, my folks have weathered many storms, some literal and others figurative. Each trial has served to strengthen their bond, and consequently, our family.

J and I have another of our crazy busy weeks ahead; we are barely going to see each other. I am thankful for work, don't get me wrong, but i am also looking forward to next week. Next week, we can have a night of our own. A night with no band practice, to church meetings, to skit rehearsal. So if my dad calls, I hope he can hear my smile, and I pray that God will give me 33 more years to smile with my husband.


Christine said…
I love that! My parents also have a wonderful marriage- 34 years for them. It's great to have their example follow.

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