So glad I don't have to make this decision...

I watched Katie's news last night. Frankly, I am not sure what all the hubub is about, but that is another post. What did interest me, was the story about the new HPV vaccine.

I am not one to go crazy for vaccines; in fact, I am find the growing list of vaccines required for school a little troubling. But I think some of the parents are kidding themselves. The key to the efficacy of the HPV vaccine is its delivery before a girl is sexually active. For doctors, this means age 9-12 years.

Part of me shudders at this thought, I must say. However, I think back to the first "talk" we had in school-- fifth grade. I guess I was ten years old? Mom had sat me down during the summer before school started and gone over things with me (read: grossed me out, I am sure).

Maybe 9 years old isn't so for out in left field after all? And who says that a parent has to explain EVERYTHING to his daughter when explaining this vaccine?

Obviously, I am not someone with answers, I just can't help but think about how much heartbreak a very dear friend could have been spared had she been more aware, had this vaccine been available to her.


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