Welcome to the 21st century...

We are a little behind the times, here at thebassplayer's house. We don't have cable, or Playstation, or even X-box. We have no VCR, no Tivo, no Direct TV. We do have guitars, basses, and a keyboard. We have highspeed internet, a DVD player, and VOIP telephone service.

And this week, we joined the happy people who get movies in the mail. It is so cool, I tell you! I don't know why I didn't sign us up earlier. Three movies shipped yesterday and showed up in my mailbox this afternoon! I also have a coupon for a free in-store rental each week of the month. This couldn't possibly be more convenient, since Blockbuster is right acrss the big street from us.

No more waiting for movies to show up on the bargain rack at our favorite big box store, no more wondering what the heck people are talking about, no more railing about having spent money on a crummy flick. Nosiree. We can see movies when we want, we can be in the loop at lunchtime, and we can send back anything that's crap.

This weekend's offerings: Inside Man, RV, and Summer Rental. Bonus for me: I get to trek across the street and pick out a chick flick for while J is at his gig tonight. Woohoo!


R.G. said…
I've been debating about those movies-in-the-mail for the last year! Keep us updated on whether you continue to like the service and find it cost-effective.
Hello Kelly...so nice to have you stop by and visit my blog today...and it was a silly one at that!! I love new people to stop by..Please come back again and I will visit you. I see that you are a Christian and so am I so that makes us have tons in common!!
We have been getting Netflix for the longest time now and just love it!! I have seen Inside man and RV but not Summer Rental yet.
Take care and come back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday..
Again, great to meet you...Sandy

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