Am I expecting too much?

All I want is for the mornig news program to deliver, well, news. In one hour of network telvision there are at least 20 minutes of commercials, right? So we are down to 40 minutes of show. This morning, in the 7 o'clock hour of Today, fifteen mintues were doveted to the earth shattering stories of a young starlet's troubles with studio execs and showing up to work; and an equally troubled Hollywood bigwig's weekend encounter with the sheriff's department. Twenty-five percent of the hour (that's one fourth, for those of you in Rio Linda) devoted to this crap.

Um, isn't there something else going on? Did I imagine it, or are we at war? Am I delusional, or are there dreadful events going on in places of terrific historical and political significance?

I expect this drivel from Access Hollywood and Entertainment tonight, but Today? I can't stop shaking my head. I guess I don't really miss anything by being at work at 6:30 each morning.


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