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Today is my Grandmother's birthday. She was born 84 years ago in New Westminster, BC.
1922 saw some big changes in our world. Egypt became independent, construction began on Yankee Stadium, and Michael Collins was assassinated. Mussolini came to power, the USSR was formed, and J. R. and Evelyn McLellan brought Madge Iris into their life. Crazy year!
I am driving down to Yuma tomorrow evening to spend the weekend with her, sans J. We will play cribbage, maybe some Scrabble, and go to church. One of the things I love about going down there is that we can relax and just be. Gram doesn't mind if I snooze for a little while in the afternoon, and the cell phone doesn't ring every thirty minutes. If I am REALLY lucky, I can get her to sit down, too.
She was a Klamath Falls Commando and a USN wife who raised a family of four on an enlisted man's salary. She spends her time with hopsice, Emmaus, and any friend who asks. Oh! And she would dearly love to find a pair of red shoes narrow enough to fit!
Yep, that's my Grandma. And I love her.


Susan said…
Well...a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Gram!!! I also am a member of an Emmaus community and know she must be a blessing to the Hospice community. My Grandmother turned 85 in September and we celebrated's so great to have them around!!


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