(With sincere apologies to Mr. Simmons)

There has been much talk of and work on weight loss at the Las Vegas Wolske branch office. Thanks to a "Works for me Wednesday" post by Holymama, we have discovered Sparkpeople. Heck, we have become sparkpeople.

I admit to being a sucker for silly gimmicks (like Sparkpoints), and Sparkpeople does have some helpful tools. The fact that the food journal is web based is super, and their database is pretty extensive.

So, we signed up, set some short term goals (like getting enough sleep EVERY night and at least a little bit of cardio EVERY day), some long term goals (40 pounds by the end of the year), and we are off!

(BTW, in case someone actually reads this, I will state my three daily goals: Get ten minutes of cardio, pack my lunch, and tell someone about my goals. Check, check, and check!)


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