This is only a test...

J dusted off the old Canon and decided to see if it still works. In goes a roll of inexpensive film, and off we go to the strip. One trip to Wal-Mart later, we find that the camera does indeed work, and J even got a few good shots. Not too bad for someone who hasn't picked up this camera in five years or more!

Above is a model of the Castle (at the Smithsonian Institution) on display at the Bellagio. The conservatory is changed several times each year, and this summer's theme seems to be Americana.
Trojan horse at the entrance to FAO Schwartz. It is fun to prowl around there, but oy! the prices!
Again at the Bellagio conservatory. This tree was destroyed by lightning and weighed more than 53 tons. Workers salvaged a preserved what they could, and it has since been the centerpiece of several exhibits here.
Gerberas, my favorite.
Dale Chihuly glass installation in the registration are of the Bellagio. It is something to behold!

Now that he knows the camera is working, J will be shutterbugging like crazy. Red Rock, Desert Shores, you name it. You will find his handiwork on our Flickr page or his blog.


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