To the zit at the lower right corner of my mouth...

You are the very definition of perseverance, little guy. You have survived what no other blemish could. Through Neutrogena, Ten-O-Six, and Clinique; even Differin, Doxycycline, and Retin-A, you have fought the good fight.

Now you are faced with a new enemy-- one which has felled all of your brothers. You are there, the lone pimple, keeping on. Sometimes, I think you are gone, starting to fade, but then-- there you are again! Strong as ever!

Don't you think it is time to call it quits? I mean, really, the strain has got to be getting to you. In fact, I think you are looking a little dried out and tired around the edges. And with the arrival of the new white hand towels, your brief reprieve has ended.

Tonight you will once again face the sulfur masque. It doesn't have to be this way-- the choice is yours. After the masque comes the glycolic acid, then, the piece de resitance-- the 5% benzoyl peroxide. That's right, I am playing hardball, just like Norah O'Donnell. I'll bet she has tamed her zits.

Are you ready to give up? I must warn you, my arsenal is constantly being replenished, so don't think you can just wait this batch out. There is no honor left in this fight. Let it go.

I'll be here, waiting for your unconditional surrender.


Cmommy said…
Kelly, found you through BluebirdBlogs design page!

I know this fight you are in; the Doxycycline is in the cabinet. The Tazorac is on the counter. But, I have two new weapons on the war against adult acne (starting to think I'd rather have had it as a teen!): Spironolactone and Bare Minerals powder foundation.

May that pesky zit wave the white flag! C
Yellow Mama said…
I once asked my Mom how long will it be before I wouldn't have a zit...her response..."I don't know...I still get one upon occasion" Have you tried PIMPLE is glycolic lotion. I found it at CVS....

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