Me Mudder

Doesn't she look thrilled? She'll be even more thrilled when she finds out I posted this pic.

Today is my Mom's day. Yep, she was born the day after her mother's birthday. What a nice birthday present, right? I think so.

I cn't be there to celebrate with them, but I am sure there will be cake. And ice cream. And silliness. Because that is what happens when we are all together. (For the first hour, then comes the bickering. We are a family, after all)

This was taken the last time we were all hanging out, Memorial Day weekend.

My mom and I have never lived in each other's pockets, but I have to say that it really sucks being this far away. I miss the Wednesdays I could pop over to her school and help out, I miss girls' nights out. I miss sitting next to her in church Sunday mornings. I miss the way she rubs her hand in circles on my back when she hugs me-- just like she did when I was little. Most of all, I miss seeing her. Talking on the phone will never be good enough, but it is all we have right now.

So tonight, when I am driving down to Yuma, my heart will be in Powellville-- eating cake, singing off-key, and joking about where the fire extinguisher is (just in case).

I love you, Mudder. Happy Birthday.

Dodder #1


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