Free Wi-Fi at Krispy Kreme...

Hot damn! I guess this could be a companion to DH's musings on why we are fat.

It was doughnut day here at concrete funworld. As I was walking out with 1 dozen off the line, I saw the sign annoucning free wifi. Why bother with the 'Buck-- unless, of course, you like too smal tables, rickety chairs, and people bumping into you at every turn. No thank you. I'll take the red and white tile anyday. And tell me, how much more fun can a body have than watching those pillowy rings of golden dough bob along their merry way? I don't think it can be beat. So, you go ahead and hang out with your overpriced (though very yummy) coffee drinks. I'll take a good old-fashioned cup of joe with my new friends in their paper hats.


Big Red said…
Man, The morning I don't drop you off you go to KK? You did bring home an awesome grill last night, I can't complain.... Love Ya!

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