I guess I am a total sheep...

But we went to see The DaVinci Code this afternoon. In fact, we went directly from church, where Devin preached on the reliability of the Bible in light of the Da Vinci Code.

Having read the book a couple years ago, I was not surprised or scandalised by the story. I was, however, disappointed. I thought the film was poorly cast. Aside from Sir Ian McKellen and Jean Reno, I was not happy with the casting. (Hard to take Alfred Molina seriously after Spiderman, you know) Oh well, I guess that is why I go to movies rather than make them.

What did surprise, and even concern me, were the results of several polls. The book was enormously popular, having sold over 40 million copies. The movie will no doubt be as popular, if not more so. And people will never cease to amaze me with their ignorance.

I am amazed that people can take this for anything other than what it is-- a work of fiction. Another book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail is a "non-fiction" work which puts forth this premise-- that Christ was married and that Mary Magdelene bore a child and fled to the south of France, and that the Holy Grail is actually the bloodline of the Christ. All rather far-fetched in the light of historical and Biblical truths, but an interesting little flight of fancy.

I know this movie will do well. It has big-name cast, a popular book, and a great controversy going for it. The question is, how do we, as Christ followers respond? Do we ignore it? Boycott it? Or do we learn from it, learn our faith, learn our history, learn our Scriptural truths, and thus offer a solid defense? We cannot live in a bubble, though we are not OF this world, we are IN it.

So go ahead, see the movie (if you are so inclined-- this is by no means a recommendation), by all means be entertained by it, but when push comes to shove, we are responsible for learning our history, for guarding our faith, and for (when the opportunities arise) setting the record straight.

Oh, and get the medium popcorn-- the movie is a long one!


Scorpicus said…
I havn't read the book or seen the movie and it was only recently that I discovered that it was fiction! People around me were talking about it like it was fact! And I think we should regard it as just a "nice" piece of fiction and nothing more! Of What I heard the movie wasn't that good... I'll wait till it comes out on sky movies...


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