It's May 18th, do you know where your President is?

He is in sunny Yuma, Arizona. America's Salad Bowl. Home of my Gram and Lute's Casino (yummy yummy).

Yuma is an interesting study in contrasts. Found at the crossing of the Colorado and Gila rivers, its history includes a Territorial Prison and a popular spot for elopements during Hollywood's fabled "golden age."

Today, Yuma boasts MCAS Yuma, Yuma Proving Ground, and 2 Native American Reservations. Its population doubles every winter, as 85,000 snowbirds call Yuma their winter home.

Mr. President, I hope that, while you are meeting with authorities and ordinary citizens, you'll take some time to enjoy the diversity and history that is Yuma. Oh, and definitely try the Especial at Lute's (I prefer mine without jalpenos).


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