My husband rocks!

I have a new laptop-- mostly for school, but I am honest enough to admit also for fun. After J staying home two days in a row, and another near miss with UPS, it arrived at 6:30 last evening.

Two wireless routers and two trips to BestBuy later, we are up and running. Sort of. I can get online, and the telephone is working, but our computers are not able to speak to one another. Now might be a good time to mention that we didn't quite follow the manual. (Details)

Since J is home, it fell to him to get our "home network" up and running. I admit, I had my doubts. More than once, I said, "Maybe we should call your brother. Or even mine?" MJ, I apologize for doubting.

Ten minutes ago, I get the news-- we are connected! Printing? Yep! Music? Yep! Files shared? Yep yep!

My rock star husband saved the day. Just don't ask him what it was that he did.


Big Red said…
I have no idea....... Right after the first fifth of whiskey, it started to work properly, If I had hair before I started, it would be gone by now (thank God I've chosen 'Bald' as my hairstyle of choice) and I sure needed the powerbagel and coffee and half a can of diet Rockstar....... Oh yeah, your DVD player works well too, and the headphone output sounds great! (I checked it out for your upcoming trip!!)

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