He's Still Got It...

DH has a new toy this week (and I have a new way to keep out utility bills down). Tonight, he took it for its first run. Chicken and some pretty yummy potatoes, to which I added a salad.

This is my favorite division of labor. I do all the prep work, which means I can experiment, and J does the hot work, which he loves anyway.

Even better, we are sitting cool as cucumbers inside!

It has been pretty hot out here- about 15 degrees above normal. Not only that, but we had double digit humidity. Don't laugh, but 12% is a lot out here. The swamp coolers don't work very well with that kind of moisture in the air. Ted Pretty promised us a break, though. I am looking forward to 90!

Well, I had better go get the dishwasher loaded... Still my job on the weekends, you know.


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