How proud are we?

Oh, I'd safely say we are REALLY PROUD of A and D.

My sister and D graduated from Wor-Wic Tuesday night, after several years of work and school. We weren't sure A would be able to finish this smester, but she met with her advisor and realised she was closer than she thought. So the girls were able to finish together.

I have to tell a little bit about A, as she is my little sister. (Well, she's got a few inches on me, but I will always have years on her-- too many) She has thought for years that she wanted to be a teacher. Every class she has taken has been with this in mind. In fact, she signed on with WCBOE this year as a substitute. She figured every bit of experience would help, you see. Plus, a foot in the door never hurt anyone.

I think it was about three weeks into her subbing gig (more or less) that A realised that teaching was not for her. After witnessing firsthand what goes on in our public school system, she was at a loss. And for some reason, I think she was even upset with herself. It is hard to realise that what you always wanted is not what will fulfill you.

Many people would have given up. Many people would have let this set them back. Not my sister. She is made of way sterner stuff (we come from good pioneer stock, with a poacher thrown in for good measure). She dusted herself off, and went to work on my dad's farm.

Ok, can I mention here that my dad is a chicken farmer and that the chicken houses are smelly icky places? Thanks.

So now, she has completed her AA and is off to SU to pursue another dream, which is actually the dream I associated with her-- to be a writer. I think I'll hire her to do my blog posts.

Critter, I am sorry to have missed your walk across the stage, but I promise I'll be at the next one-- wild horses couldn't keep me away. And by the way, I am so incredibly blessed to call you my sister, and my friend. You weren't much in the beginning, (in fact, I think I have a scar from where you bit me, you brat) but you turned out ok, I'd say.

Love to both of you, and I'll see you in two weeks!! (Say yay!)


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