My DH has become something of a blog monitor these days (barely dodged a Godwin there) and is quick to remind me that it has been x days since I posted. Furthermore, he says my last post doesn't even COUNT as a post, since, in his opinion, it should have been a mere comment.

So please pardon me, what with having something of a life, I have been unable to sit and type. You see, I have to work during the day, and cannot sit and play on the computer at my leisure.

We have been busy little beavers, I must say. We went downtown for First Friday with Wojo and Jean. Say "yay!" As it was Cinco de Mayo, FF was pretty darn busy. Picked up a super cute t-shirt and a Mother's Day surprise for me Mudder. Can't say what that is, she might be reading (though I doubt it-- it is too close to the end of the year for her to be anything other than frantically busy and exhausted, I'm thinking.)

One thing worth a mention is the street preacher we heard. As we were waiting to cross Charleston, we noticed a man standing on a concrete barricade, speaking about God turning us over to our depravities and so forth. The people gathered were heckling the street preacher, and as the four of us walked by, we speculated on the efficacy of his witness.

How effective is our witness, for that matter? Are we noise to be ignored, someone to be ridiculed, or are we lovingly, uncompromisingly changing hearts?


Big Red said…
Much Better, actually looks like a blog post!! Could have used a link or some kind of littel clip art image to really make it snazzy!

Getting better, keep up the good work!

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