We have succeded in keeping our weekly fuel cost to same as it was one month ago. That is quite an accomplishment, considering that I now have to travel 2.5 times the distance to work and gas is up to 3.14/ gallon.

I have been playing a little game with the fuel economy setting on the Jeep, trying to see how high I can get it to go. J luaghed and shook his head, but he's even playing now! We had been averaging 16, but when I last checked, we were up to 17.4-- yay us!

The hardest part, but also the most effective, has been keeping speed down. 65 mph is a lot more expensive than 55, you see. As long as I am in the right lane, I don't feel the need to blast by people. My goal is to average 19 mpg. That's real-world, not silly EPA ratings.


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