Baby Steps...

I have been a subscriber to the FlyLady's site for almost a year now. I have mastered the art of the 27 fling boogie, the clean car boogie, and the clean purse boogie.

When the e-mails come, DH usually deletes them, as we are not yet truly "FLYing." It is a bit like the alcoholic who goes to AA for some time before he actually sobers up, you know?

Well, today I accomplished a task that is a GIANT step out of CHAOS: I made a control journal. Other people may call it a household management binder, but it is the single spot in which I keep my grocery lists, menus, daily planner. routines, and cleaning lists. Woohoo!!!

I printed up nifty forms, found a snazzy binder at Target, and off I went. Indexed, sheet protected, and everything is in one place. Now I have to designate a control center in the kitchen.

My routines are designed, but nothing is carved in stone. That's the beauty-- we find what works for our family, which is more than a notion. J's jobs are at odd times, and the only thing I can plan for is what I can do myself. He fits himself in when he can. With the control journal, if he is wondering where he can help, he only has to check the day's tasks.

We are ready to takeoff!


Big Red said…
I've mastered the 27 Flylady E-mail boogie. Does it really take that much crapmail to help you organize and clean your home? Can you have it sent to the Kelly I.D., something, it's a real pain in the butt when you are waiting for an E-mail (a REAL one) and every 30 minuutes 2-5 Flylady E-mails come in....... and I still find time to do dishes or clean the car without them, as a matter of fact, I'd have more time to tidy up if I weren't so busy deleting those E-mails........

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