So, can I sue?

Parents' cigarette smoke harms kids for years - Children's Health -

Warning: the following contains high levels of sarcasm.

This is a blemish on our society. Why, these parents are subjecting their children to life-long consequence of their actions.

I am sure that my asthma is my father's fault. My multiple environmental allergies have no bearing on this whatsoever. Nosiree. In fact, I betcha that his smoking scarred not only my lungs, but also my self-esteem. My asthma prevented me from excelling at sports, and that makes me feel bad.

The findings are a “stark reminder” that legal efforts to reduce exposure to cigarette smoke in workplaces aren’t protecting the group of people at greatest risk from passive smoking, young children, Drs. Mark D. Eisner of the University of California, San Francisco and Francesco Forastiere of the Rome E Health Authority in Italy write in an editorial accompanying the study.

“Children are primarily exposed to tobacco smoke in the home, where legal restrictions do not apply,” they note.

Write your legislators, demand that we pass laws to protect more innocent children from their parents. A grassroots effort is needed here, people.

And if you too have been harmed by your parents' callous disregard for you wellbeing, let me know. We can form a non-profit organization, set up support groups, and maybe wear fun rubber bracelets! Oh, and I almost forgot-- we need an awareness week, too!


Anonymous said…
I too suffer from this affliction - second hand smoke as a child. I am sure (and my doctor is positive) that the damage to my lungs as shown on my recent x-ray is due to the horrendous smoking my parents have done most of their lives. So imagine my distress when I arrived at my dear mother's apartment last week for a visit with her second and fourth great grandchildren and all I could see on entering her apartment was a huge cloud of smoke. Apparently she is cold all the time and so keeps the windows and doors shut up tight! Well we beelined it out of there as soon as humanly (and politely) possible moving all of the group to a smoke free environment. As much as I would like to sue, I can't do that to my dear mom. And I am sure I have done some stuff to my kids that they blame me for.

Big Red said…
Is that where my those voices come from, thanks Mom.... Just kidding, I can't think of anything off hand, you guys never smoked, there was that lead based paint you let us snack on all the time...... Love you Mom!

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