May I please have my two hours and thirty-seven minutes back?

I was so excited to go see Superman Returns this evening. We Fandangoed and everything! I had two motives- I wanted to actually see the movie, and secondly, I had read some things and wanted to see for myself before I offered my $.02.

Uh yeah. The thing is, I really don't want to give this much more time and energy than I already have. Yep, it was that disappointing. Really.

***Spoiler Alert***

I won't go into the obvious pandering to Christians. Superman has always be something of a Christ figure, but this went too far. Plus, there were MAJOR holes in this idea-- not the least of which is that Christ was sinless, and Superman is not. I am actully sitting here shaking my head as I type.

Oh well. My advice: wait for video, and take your money to see Cars. Just to let you know how bad this was, J said to me on the way out, "I would rather have seen The Devil Wears Prada."


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