Judging a book by its cover

Perhaps I should rephrase that. It is more like judging a blog by its banners.

I read the Wesley Blog, published by evangelical UMC member Shane Raynor. He keeps a pretty extensive blogroll of UMC bloggers, and I check a few out from time to time.

As I wait for the different sites to come up, I find myself glancing at the status bar to see whence their "extras" come. I also find myself reading these blogs with bias when I see certain sites come up, in particular "MakePovertyHistory."

I wonder if most readers actually pay attention to sidebar links and banners? A couple people who were unfortunate enough to stumble upon my blog have commented on my World Magazine link, and I used to have a banner for "National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day" (which has been taken down only because the event was in April).

What assumptions would a total stranger make by looking at my sidebar? Shoot, even my title may be misleading. It is not a reference to my personal leanings (far from it), but merely my geographic placement. Of course, one look at said sidebar would probably clear that up.

I am sure that mine could create bias. That's okay, because I realise that my blog is extremely inconsequential. Shane's blogroll, however, has a lot of blog which are heavily read and commented.

Honestly, I am going to have to check exactly what is over there. If memory serves me, I link to Feminists for Life, World Magazine, ING, and an essay on Christian Libertarians. Pretty straightforward stuff. Pretty self-explanatory, I would think.

I wonder if anyone has ever clicked through to them? What purpose do they serve? I admit to checking sidebars of most of the blogs I read, but then, I have waaay to much time on my hands!

What's in your sidebar? (With apologies to Capital One) What does it say about you?


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