Is she for real?

More of our tax dollars at work...

J is the newest sound engineer for the city in which we used to reside. (We are now in Las Vegas proper.) Yesterday was orientation day-- policies and procedures, paperwork, paperwork, and paperwork.

Everyone's favorite form was present: the I-9. Now, as a naturalized citizen, he only has to show his Certificate of Naturalization (it is a "List A" document, establishes both ID and citizenship). What would be comical if it weren't so pathetic, is the HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER for the municipality not recognizing the adequacy of this document. Not only did she tell him he had to have something else to go with it, she further "explained" to him that citizenship did not equal employment eligibility. Sheesh!

I must say, shame on the city for their ignorance. Kudos to J for showing much restraint, and not getting himself fired on the first day!


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