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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Where would I pitch my tent?
The other day, I took a quiz and asked my DH to take the same quiz. I wanted to see how or results compared. BTW, If you have the time, it is pretty interesting. I wasn't surprised at how similar our results were, though I would have said our results would be reversed. He topped out as Wesleyan/ Holiness with Neo Orthodox second, and I topped out with Neo Orthodox, Wesleyan running a very close second.

What I found odd, however, was how high our "Emergent/Postmodern scores were. (That and the fact that I had a higher Charismatic score than he) Postmoderism is something I regard with some disdain. I consider it lukewarm Christianity, "little c" Christianity if you will.

So, I decided to do some reading, my thoughts being that this score was out of my own ignorance more than anything else. I knew who Bishop Spong was, but a couple other theologians (if he couldeven be classed with them) were not on my radar.

In this research, I have read lots and lots about the so-called Emergent Church movement. From what I am understanding, this movement puts great emphasis on dialogue. Sounds good to me. But to what end? There are absolutes, no matter what some may say.

I recognise that conversation is to be sought before confrontation, but the Emerging movement's emphasis on personal experience over Scriptural absolutes is something with which I have beef. We can fool ourselves, we do it time and again. Of course personal experiences with God are real and true, but only inasmuch as they measure up to Scripture. When someone comes to me with "experience" and it is contrary to Scripture, I have to say that the Word is trump. Every time.

Diversity, if it really is welcomed as the Emergent folks say it is (and I seriously doubt this-- conservative voices are seldom heard from the Emergement camp), is to be applauded. Within reason. We must, as Christians, commit ourselves to "big C" Christianity. Unfortunately, I see a lot ofmoral relativism in postmodern and emergent ideas.

Of course we are to engage each other in thoughtful conversation, but it all comes down to TRUTH. Truth in God through the person of Christ. I am off to take my quiz again.

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