Ok, I guess my bp would look about normal now...

This is a few weeks old, but I only came across the article this weekend. I have been stewing about it ever since.

Why does this woman, who is apparently very educated, fail to take responsibility for her own actions? Someone, please make me see how her failure to use ANY birth control, her failure to be fully informed about her prescriptions, and her decision to terminate the resulting pregnancy are somehow the current administration's fault?

As for the ability of doctors to decline prescriptions, I still see no problem. Any doctor should be allowed to decline elective procudres as a mater of conscience. What is the problem? The fact the the FDA did not approve Plan B for over the counter use? Umm hmm. I wonder, if it is so safe, why Dana L's midwife wouldn't write her a prescription for the drug without examining her?

Then came this. The online discussion where Ms. L continues to dodge responsibility, and makes snarky comments to those who ask her why she sees fit to cast blame.



Susan said…
Oh my goodness...I read the article...felt my own blood pressure rise and decided I couldn't even click on the discussion link. It's so self-centered and SAD when a perfectly educated person shifts blame...and even sadder to think that this may just have been the biggest blessing of these two people's lives.

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