Little rodents... Rats, I suppose

One of my favorite things about my job (aside from the ridiculous amount of money they pay me) is the wildlife. Ok, so it's basically some sparrows and a few chipmunks. But we have an endangered plant sanctuary across the street from us, too.

Anyway, the chipmunks amuse me to no end. I love watching them scamper in and out of the pallets of stone, scouring the yard for food. I try to get out to feed the birds in the morning before my boss gets in, because he chases the chipmunks off.

Confession time, now. (Because I am going to beat the rest of you to it- ha!) I was town raised, and we only had squirrels in our areas. I perhaps saw a couple chipmunks when we were camping at Mariana Caverns, but that's about it. Other than that, it pretty much Chip and Dale for me.

I do, however, remember my first real encounter with a chipmunk. I was 12 0r so, and we were on our annual summer adventure. Mom packed the kids up and took off across country, with Dad meeting us somewhere in the middle (St Louis this particular year). This trip included a week of camping in South Dakota's Black Hills.

Mum chose this particular area for several reasons, not the least of which was rock hounding. We visited the Crazy Horse monument, Mt. Rushmore, and the Badlands National Park. It was there, in the Badlands, that Dad pointed out the chipmunks.

I knew, of course, that he was pulling my leg. After all, where were the trees? "What do you mean, 'Where are the trees?'"

"I mean, how can there be chipmunks out here, if there are no trees! Where are they gonna live?!" (Asked with the exasperation of a preteen girl dealing with idiot parents, you know)

Yes, that's right. I thought that chipmunks (aka GROUND squirrels) lived in trees. Like Disney said they did. My family STILL brings this up- far to close to twenty years later for my comfort, too.

There you have it; I am completely silly. It just goes to show that you can be a moron with a high IQ. Walking proof, I am afraid.


Big Red said…
Now wait a minute, you can visit the Crazy Horse monument, but I can't go to Crazy Horse Too? I'm telling you, this whole boy-girl thing is not fair......

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