Continued War on Free Speech?

I need to preface this post with the following:

It is my opinion that Fred Phelps is a truly sick and twisted man (quite possibly evil). I think there should be a special place reserved in hell for people like him. Taking such delight in the tragedies of war is beyond reprehinsible.

That being said, I will defend his right to protest all he wants. Sorry. I know you guys will jump all over me for this, but it is how I feel. Is it tacky? Yes. Is it insensitive? Of course! Is it protected by the US Constitution? Well, it used to be- not so sure these days.

Florida, however, has taken yet another chisel to the Bill of Rights by UNANIMOUSLY passing this bill. Jeb signed it, of course. The new law increases the penalties to include fines of up to $1000, and, get this-- up to a year in jail. I wonder, in light of something my B-I-L posted, would this effectively mean a death sentence for someone of Fred Phelps's ilk?

Also, as an additional note, get this quote from the mullet wrapper:

'We'd already had two (military funerals) in the St. Pete and Sarasota area where these protests had taken place,'' Cartlidge said. ''We'll be a beacon to the rest of the country as one of the few states that have something to prevent that.''

Cartlidge approached Rep. Bob Allen, R-Merritt Island, to sponsor the proposal, but Allen had already filed his limit of six bills. Cartlidge said Allen took the idea to Jordan, who introduced the bill through the committee he chairs.

''It's something that needs to be addressed before it gets to be a problem. I deemed this an emergency situation,'' Cartlidge said.

I wonder which comes first, emergency or crisis? Sheesh!


Big Red said…
I think it's tacky to protest a funeral. I think us normal folks should be allowed to kick that protester in the crotch and the cops should look the other way...

What kind of wimp protests a funeral? Find a real rally to go to, trea huggers, these men have already given the ultimate sacrifice for this country and the last thing their families need is your insensative ass ruining the day any more than it already is.

I say go Jeb!! Put an end to it!! The states have the right to make their own laws, if you don't like it, move to another state...
Of course states have a right to make their own laws. However, there are limits. You took the test, don't you remember what the Constitution says?
Big Red said…
Can't remember all the stuff, don't try to turn this around on me, there should be a law against that, you know... All I want is the right to give him one swift kick in the ol' marble bag, that's all.....
Yeah, why should I let something like logic or reason get in the way of your crotch-kicking urges. What WAS I thinking?

BTW, does this mean you want to move to FL? Because I am SO down with that.
Big Red said…
No, but if you are living in that state and are complaining, then you might as well get outta there... or kick them all in the crotch!

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