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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Breaking all the rules?

There has been much spirited discussion of rules at Wolske SW. Specifically, what my brother-in-law calls "Man Rules."

Not suprisingly, my darling husband is in egregious violation of several of these alleged rules. To wit:

The rules clearly state a man shall not be in posession of a pet smaller than a regulation football.

Our Tele is quite the petite feline, weighing in at a whopping 6 pounds. I know we are clear with respect to her weight, but she is pretty tiny. I shall have to measure her to be sure.

The rules declare no man shall purchase clothing in any department other than menswear.
Jon likes flare leg jeans or a really good boot cut. So far, the best fit has come from a pair of Tommy Hilfiger women's jeans. They are a little low in the rise, but other than that, fit like a dream.
(I am probably in lots and lots of trouble for posting this one)

The rules limit the beauty regimen of men to soap, shampoo, deodorant, and shaving.
My DH has a Clinique habit, and I am the reason. I wonder if there is some give in this rule? After all, he does not need shampoo-- can we substitute moisturizer for the shampoo?

I wonder if the man rule enforcement agency is reading? And what would be the penalty for such rule violations? A John Wayne movie marathon? Fish-slapping? I suppose we might find ou firsthand...

  posted at 8:47 AM  

At 11/22/2006 03:18:00 PM, Anonymous J's sister said...

Wow...I just learned more about J than I really needed to know. Interesting bit about the jeans, though...

At 11/22/2006 05:27:00 PM, Blogger Big Red said...

Yes,m I have a pair of womans jeans, and boy do they look cool! without this post, no one would be the wiser... so yes, you are in a lot of trouble for this one, and a post such as this on the weekend of the Hen Party posted earlier...

THing is, now I know what size I wear, there are so many more options (guys jeans kinda come one of three ways) and I'm not ashamed, after all, lovie, you wear my jeans all the time....

THe cat can be accepted as part of a sub-paragraph in the pet clause that reads (unless your relationship with a significant other can benefit from the ownership) and I'm sure she's bigger than a football.

I have a shaved head, it breaks out, like any other part of the body, it needs attention to look it's best (most Kojack-ish) and I entend to work my look to the max extent allowable by man law....

What my brother seems to have missed was the revision 2006 ( I understand, it takes a long time for current things to reach the Eastern SHore... Hows that 'Electricity' working for yah!? Dispite what some of the elders say, it is not the work of the Devil..... this revision 2006 allows for the modern man to be given a little more room to budge, as it is, and makes certain allowances for 'Metro' behavior, which is, as stated in paragraph 16.187.3459 'An alternate route to traditional man laws regarding the attention seeking of woman and the admiration of the every-man' so you see, keep wearing your 501's and big white sneakers I'm sure they'll come back in style in another 20 years, and laugh because I groom and accessorize, I know I'm a man, a straight man, I think you old-timers are more insecure than us Modern men..... WHo do the woman want? Not you, old-timers, not you.

P.S> the woman want me , but cannot have me, sorry in advance for all your heartaches... Big Red


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