Works for me Wednesday... Mr Giftwrap!

It's been awhile since I played along, but I do have a tip for this week.

Mr. Giftwrap is where it's at! (Yes, Shannon, I know that was grammatically incorrect)

Order one roll of fantastic paper, and wrap everyone's gifts. (This is the good stuff, folks-- nice and heavy.) Then, go nuts with packages ties, exercise all your creativity with bows, and take the headache out of storing ends of fifteen different giftwrap rolls. I have chosen a lovely green stripe that will carry us beyond the holiday season. The best part is that they also sell dispensers, eliminating the great scissors hunt.

Shipping is reasonable, and free above a certain threshold. I ordered one roll (417') and one dispenser and qualified.

Mr Giftwrap to help me organize my gift-giving certainly works for me! Now go read the mess of tips on Shannon's site.


Lady Why said…
Oh, I love that big heavy paper! Thank you for sharing the link!
Amy said…
When we were young my mom bought a roll of birthday paper at a local paper factory fire sale. The bottom inch of the roll was water damaged but otherwise it was a good 50+ pounds of Happy Birthday wrap. For more than 15 YEARS my mom wrapped birthday gifts in that paper. When it finally ran out we were grown ups, but still so sad to not see that paper at every party.
Pieces said…
That is a great website! I don't think I can bring myself to make the leap this year--but maybe next. I still have all those ends of rolls to finish up first!
Larae said…
Great link! Thanks for sharing =)

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