It's almost over...

Election day is here. If you are a voting kind of person, I wonder if you are as confused and disenchanted as I am.

We have had a particularly ugly election season here in NV. We have charaltans, carpetbaggers, and career politicians galore. From the sheriff's race all the way to US senate. I have tried and tried to weed through the garbage, visiting each candidates websites to see what they are really all about, and guess what? Nada. Complete garbage there, too.

My only solution is to vote only in those races which I feel confident. That narrows it down to, well, let's see... US senate. Yep, as of 4:30 this morning, I fell confident in my vote for US Senate and that's all.

It'd more than enough to drive a woman to her knees.


R.G. said…
Kelly, for the last two weeks I've been wanting to blog on this election madness but I never did because it would be nothing but one long, negative whiny RANT.

I voted early and after I voted, it became even MORE frustrating to receive all those "vote for me" calls!

I have been completely confused and disenchanted, like you. And thoroughly disgusted with the mudslinging.

One of our congressional canditates goes to our church. It was very healing and positive for me when they brought his family up front and then prayed, not just for him, but specifically for his opponent as well. Very touching and really put things in perspective.

Anyway, I'm SO glad it's over.

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