Finally, a little respect!

One of the joys of being maried to a musician is his affinity for gear. Basses, guitars, speakers, amps, mixers, you name it. MJ spends hours poring over magazines, even user guides. I mean this man will download and print the manual for a console!

I imagine it is frustrating for him that these things pretty much go over my head. I understand the basics of sound reinforcement, but I am not gear-savvy. Very often the conversation goes something like this:

MJ: So, we have this fantastic board that came into the shop today. It is a 128-channel desk. Full meter bridge, the works. I had to test every channel... sooooo sweeeet. It's an xxxx Supercharger.

Me: Oh! Wow, I'll bet you were in hog heaven. Isn't that the same brand they were using at that big place?

MJ: No, this is so much more than that board. This one has the PX15000 super-rated flux converter. The crossovers have dual overhead cams, and the drivers are supercharged.

Me: Oh? That's nice.

This exchange could go on for ten mintues or more, and try as I might to be a Refuge, he loses me within seconds. New instruments are met with slightly more enthusiasm, I must say. Mostly because the artist in me can appreciate design.

This week, however, someone was finally able to appreciate the "Schec" on the same level as J. My father-in-law came to town. The two gearheads were able to bond over neck-tjrough construction, the active electronics, and smooth neck action. I think I even teared up.

So, many thanks to my father-in-law. Not only, for a wonderful visit, but for appreciating J's baby as it deserves.


Susan said…
I LOVE this!! And I can SO relate!! I live in a house full of music, computers, and tech junkies!! I sometimes feel like an alien in my own home. Glad to know your FIL could enjoy the moment with your dh. Have a great week.

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