Weekend rundown...

Or maybe it should be "rundown from the weekend." Either way, I am experiencing that exhaustion peculiar to good times spent with family, good food, and good beer.

Just the highlights:

  • Six of us for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, two pies, the usual suspects. I was aiming for 1:00 pm, and Jon finished carving the bird at 12:59. Score!!!
  • Braved a store or two on friday, mostly because Gram needed shoes (she has rulers for feet, so we had to head to the mother ship). Two pairs of shoes, one watch, and a sprint through The Body Shop later, we headed out. Mission accomplished in under three hours.
  • Crown and Anchor for lunch. This is where the good beer comes in-- one of the few places which knows better than to serve Guiness in a frosted glass. I mean, what is up with that? Oh yeah, their sausgae rolls-- better than anything across the pond.
  • Nasty Habits playing Cabo Charlie's. Gram dozed off and we took a funny snapshot of her with two empty beer bottles and two empty highball glasses. I *heart* camera phones. Now, we only need my mother to figure out how to e-mail the picture...
We finished our weekend in our usual custom-- marathon morning at church, followed by lunch and lazing on the couch. Mom went home this morning before work, and Jon and I are bound for early bed. Back to the gym tomorrow-- waaaayyy too much resaurant food. My fingers are so swollen that they look like little sausages. Oh yeah, and totally looking forward to a facial tomorrow evening.*sigh*


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