So tickled with myself

I can't stand it!

A couple years ago, in an attempt to stop the dreaded hand motion of snack bowl-to-mouth, I decided to learn to knit. Off I went to my friendly neighborhood craft store to spend my saturday afternoon (and about fifty dollars). Twenty-five months later, and this is what I have:

No kidding. That is a whole twenty-seven rows of veryverytightknitting.

Having seen this, you can imagine what my husband was thinking when I can home, very excited, with this little gem. To his everlasting credit, he said nothing. He is a very smart man, my hero.

So, I started my new adventure, four skeins of yummy yarn to add to may already impressive pile. And I did it! I made this as my first project:

(Isn't he just the cutest model?)

This lovelt rolled-brim cap with a tassel on top took me all of four hours to complete. And that is as a complete novice.

This cureent project has about two hours into it, and maybe ten minutes of gathering left. I snapped in still on the loom for your viewing pleasure:

I just love this yarn!

I have a couple projects in mind for my mom and sisters, and with the speed I can turn out a hat on this loom, I am thinking they will get their caps when they come for Thanksgiving.

Now, I just need to learn a crochet stich-- so I can eventually progress beyond hats.


Susan said…
What great fun!! I'm going to have to go look for this gadget...I think I could do this.

:-) Susan
R.G. said…
I really want to learn to knit! I started crocheting last year and everyone I know got long winter scarves... but then I seemed to get too busy and I haven't crocheted in months! I miss it.

Cute hats!!!

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