Last shots before my model quit...

I fell in love with this yarn last year, and simply HAD to have it. And so it sat, for months and months. I am so glad I waited, because I was able to give this cap to a friend who is cute enough to be worthy.

These are the last two caps J would model. I think it was the super soft pink cap that finally pushed him over the edge. *sigh* I guess I wil have to get one of those foam heads to document my projects.

This purple is for my Mom (who will not have time to read this post until after the first of the year, so I am safe). i am trusting you who know her to keep your mouths shut. See that flower on there? I made that, too. I am getting quite good at this loom knitting thing. J refers to it is "not really knitting." Of course, he says this, but had no problem picking out yarns for five more projects. My husband is VERY tactile, so going to the yarn store is an adventure; he likes to touch everything. I always call him over for a touch test-- he hasn't failed me yet!


thatpatti said…
ha! lovely model. :)
Isn't he? You have made his day, too. Just last night he was pouting that noone had noticed his mad modeling skills.
Z-Man said…
Again, nice hats Big Red... I don't know if there is some sort of 'man law enforcement agency' but if there was... they'd be knocking on your door as we speak....

Still love you though!!!!

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