Alberto, you should be worried.

Perhaps it is time to get that resume polished and circulated. Now that Mr Bush has given you his support, it is time. If you doubt that, just check with Donald, Harriet, or Michael. They'll tell you-- the death knell has been sounded.

Incidentally, the local news this morning reported that you had been given the "thumbs up"-- it was scrolling across the ticker over and over again. I wonder if the irony was deliberate. You see, contrary to popular belief, the "thumbs up" sign was not given to spare the gladiators, but to slay them. Everything is in place for your demise, sir.

I guess the bright side is that you could have been a fall guy in the last administration.


I acutally think this one will be decided in the courts, which will be interesting.

I think W is going to dig his heels in on this one.
Voice- I sure hope and pray that you are right.

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