Sufficient unto the day...

I love how God keeps trying to get through to me. I love how He speaks to me over and over until I get it through my thick head. I wonder if He smacks his forehead with the heel of his hand and exclaims, "Stooge!" when I FINALLY get it. I would. (What does it say about me that I can totally picture Terry Gilliam animation here?)

I can almost picture God making one of those 1950's teaching movies:

"Boys and girls, this week's lesson for Kelly is worry. See how she holds on to concerns and refuses to turn them over. Watch here, see the circles under her eyes. If only she would let me take care of things, she would be able to rest.'

'Here she is at work. Listen as her boss tells her how worried he is that there are starving animals. Oh, it sounds like she has made a breakthrough. She just reminded him that I have things under control. Perhaps this will be the end of our film, but I doubt it. Having known Kelly since before she was formed, I can tell you that this one is a stubborn little nut.'

'Ah yes, back to the worries. Look at how she is struggling to fit everything she wants to do into her day. Hey, Kelly, remember that this is about MY time, not yours. (chuckles)'

'Let's look in on Kelly's small group this week. Listen as that gentleman in the sweater reminds them of My Word. Kelly has grown pretty quiet, and I call tell you that she is mulling this over. She is not ready yet, though. Watch her in the car, her mind still running through all the what-ifs.'

'It is time to send this one home. I have just the person for that job. Kelly reads Rachelle's writings and respects her insights. I think I can send this one home here. Yep, she is reading. Oh, look! Kelly has gone to her Bible. She's finally reading and understanding what I am telling her.'

'Well, boys and girls, that is all for today. But trust me, we will be back with this one-- probably sooner than you think."

Okay, so that was pretty self-centered of me. I do think God can and does take personal interest in the lives of His children, though. Worry is my old old friend. I think I have finally made some progress in letting her go, though.

Matthew 6:34 (ESV)
"Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.


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