A few questions for all five people who read my blog:

1) If you had something which changed your life, would you want to share that something with those whom you love?

2) If you had knowledge which would change the world, what would you do with that knowledge?

3) Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

4) What is your mission field?

5) What is the most important lesson you are teaching/ will teach your children?

6) What was the most important lesson your parents taught you?

Seriously, I am curious. And that means you, you lurker-person.


st4rbux said…
2) Change the world for better or for worse? and remember, your perspective of better/worse may be the complete opposite of 80% of the rest of the world's population. I'm pretty sure mine is most of the time.

3) I've witnessed things that other people perceive/believe to be miracles; I was thinking about miracles and probability yesterday for some other reason, and I concluded anything positive that happens and is more than a few standard deviations from the mean is considered a miracle. The big hump in the middle of the normal distribution is God's Will, and those outlying negative events are bad luck (or Evil). Something like that. I'll be blogging about this in a few days.

5) Think for yourself. I know, I'll need to be more structured until she is old enough to fend for herself, but that's the lesson I want her to take with her to college.

more later...
Susan said…
I haven't been over here in a while, but here are my answers:

1. Yes, I'd want to share something that changed my life...
2. I think I'd "ACT" upon that knowledge...cause I think many people who had knowledge to change the world TOLD people about it rather than doing something about it...and this causes doubt in the minds of others.
3. Yes, I've had four children.
4. My mission field is everywhere I look. Our church really is missions focused both on the homefront and in the greater world...you'll have to go read my post about church last Sunday. It was a living example of this very thing.
5. Love the Lord with all that is within you.
6. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...

Great questions.

:-) susan
I will correct the post, but I meant for the better. And there are some absolutes, you know. Truth is truth, perceptions are not.
The God's will thing is something else entirely. That is a whole different post, which is in draft form these days.

Susan- Hiya! I tried to leave a comment about those album photos, but I think blogger dumped it. Anyway, they are great shots!
Anonymous said…
1) Yes
2) Share it
3) No I havent
4) Don't have one or dont know what one is.
5) To be themselves & experience life to their fullest capacity
6) To be independent

From the Lurker person :)
Neil said…
1. Yes

2. Share it

3. Not the walking-on-water type, but I've seen Christ work in real ways in many lives.

4. Wherever I go - work (touchy place, but if you tread carefully there are opportunities), CareNet Pregnancy Center (the guys who come in), church (seriously - think about how many people punch the clock at church who aren't Christians. I don't say that in a judgmental way; I used to be one of them), anywhere.

5. Not sure about that one . . . definitely something Jesus-related, though!

6. Responsibility
Indiana Amy said…
I guess I am that lurker person...

2. I'd share it with every person I could, write letters to the editor, pamphlets, blog about it, whatever it took to create a buzz
3.yes, my mom had a very serious bladder cancer and God completely healed her. We believe it was to get her to give up the God of smoking!
4.Right now, my family. But we are also involved with the youth at our church and with nonbelieving friends and family. Also, we believe overseas missions may be in our future.
5. To love Jesus. I couldn't be any more specific.
6. My mom taught me that Jesus is important in my life and the power of prayer.
st4rbux said…
not to pick on you Amy, but I have you done that (your #2)?? have you written letters to the editor, handed out pamphlets, and done everything you can to create Buzz about Jesus?

I read something a little while ago that challenged believers on what they really believe. it kind of played into what Kelly has blogged about a while back (just turning EVERYTHING over to God) -- if you really believed with 100% of your heart, you would sell everything you have, give everything you make from this point going forward to the God that you believe in, and through faith he would provide and you would want for nothing more in this world because you would know that your eternal comfort awaits in heaven.

I know a good many godly people -- good, decent people that I love a great deal -- and not one of them has done that. Not one of them is even close. They do all the same things the rest of humanity does; accumulate material stuff, houses and cars, and work jobs in order to support their kids... (I think that describes every person I know on this earth).

I'm not judging them -- those who proclaim their faith appear to be much more grounded in it than I am in my own, and it serves many good purposes, but they aren't living every minute for God's glory.

and Kelly, it's funny that here you say Truth is Truth and on my site you acknowledge that many things are morally ambivalent and people's interpretations have put a good/bad spin on them (dancing, tattoos, drinking)... so which is it?
I am sure you didn't mean to misrepresent my comments, so I am going to clarify: Truth is Truth, but not everything is going to be spelled out. What would be the point if it were?
If I have a glass of wine at dinner tonight is left up to me. However, overindulging in that wine to the point of drunkenness is not.
I will blog later about your second paragraph, logical fallacy that it is.
st4rbux said…
I don't see how it's a logical fallacy -- perhaps a spiritual fallacy, in fact that's likely.

please do, I welcome it.
st4rbux said…
"so you could feel good about your religious ignorance."

you might want to step gently off that high-horse of yours before you get knocked off it.

I'm done; I won't comment on your blog again.

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