Conservation brain dump...

I think it is crazy that the Gore family has a monthly utility bill that is more than my annual. I also think that it is their right to pay for as much energy as they require. What I cannot stomach is the idea that he (or anyone) can buy his way into "carbon neutrality". I love that Vice President Gore pays himself to offset his energy usage-- priceless.

BTW, I am not a economist, but I think carbon offsets sound like a way to assuage guilt and nothing more.

Out here in the mojave, they are encouraging people to put rock in their yards, thus reducing their water usage. This is a great idea for water conservation, however, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to build a brick oven around a house, does it? Transpiration works for us all!

I love that IKEA will be encouraging customers to reuse bags. This makes sense to me-- giving the consumer the choice. (At TJ's, they give customers drawing entries for each bag brought in-- either a cloth bag, or even reusing their paper sacks. I have never won, but I think that any encouragement at all is helpful)

I love my new lunchbox, and I love that from it, I throw away only a napkin each day. No more waxed paper or sandwich bags. Next step: making some cloth napkins for our lunches.

No matter what our feelings on climate change and its causes, I think it is wise to conserve where possible. My parents compost, but that isn't realistic for me. I live in higher density housing, though. If each of us is a good steward, surely that will make at least some impact. I just don't know that I want to see yet another layer of regulation created.

If you are still reading this, I thank you and apologize for the ramblings.


st4rbux said…
um, do I get any credit for this post?
I guess. Sure! It was kind of a hodge-podge of things.

There is an interesting article in World this week about ethanol and how our demand is putting a great strain on Mexico (tortillas are going through the roof). I'll sen it to you later.
Rachelle said…
Kelly -- Great post, and I have to say that I clicked on "lunchbox" and fell in love! I'm ordering these for my kids immediately. Best tip I've gotten all week, thanks!

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