If it were high school, we would be having a party tonight.

Dr. Singh, my high school Latin teacher, allowed three parties each year: Pre-District Forum, Pre-State Forum, and an Ides of March Party.

Ides of March was the only "real" party, I suppose. The parties before District and State Forums were also meetings and last minute polishing of orations. Of course, all of these parties were decidedly uncool. It was "Latin Club," after all.

The thing is, I much prefer the uncool parties to the cool parties I attended. Perhaps my criteria as to what makes a party "cool" are different than the average person, but I would much rather party with people who can converse without resorting to single syllable words. I like sentences with more than four words, and I deplore prepositions at the end of those sentences.

So, in honor of the holiday, I would like to share a couple little tidbits of useless knowledge:

In March, July, October, and May
The Ides fall on the 15th day,
The Nones the 7th;
And all besides
Are two days less for Nones and Ides

(and just in case you find yourself wondering about imperative verbs...)

Dic, duc, fac, fer
Should have an "e" but it isn't there.

You are now one step closer to my little madness.

Update: Incidentally, it is not really the ides yet on the Julian Calendar.


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