I didn't know the milkman still existed!!

Saving time + Saving Money = Happy Bass Player's Wife.

Pardon me for being excited about something so silly, but I am tickled to death that I can get milk delivered to my door each week. And by milk, I do mean hormone free, cold filtered, very very fresh milk.

This means that I can eliminate at least two trips to TJ's each month, and any time I can save that time and money, I am a happy girl. Now Winder's is just in our area (Las Vegas and Southern Utah), but check out this page to find a milkman in your area (Continental US only, I am afraid).

(Diamond Organics delivers nationwide, but they are a little spendy for me.)

So, in this week of a kitchen WFMW, I give y'all the milkmen, not dead at all. Head over to Shannon's and see what works for others.


Rachelle said…
I am so happy for you! When we lived in Calif. we LOVED getting our milk delivered every week -- plus butter, yogurt, sour cream, even bread! It was SO wonderful when my kids were babies... I never had to "run to the store for milk." Enjoy it!

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