Menu planning solution...

My husband is darned near perfect. He has this one fault: making decisions. This is a typical conversation in the car on the way home:

J: How was your day?
Me: Not bad, not bad at all. Just pretty hectic. Yours?
J: Oh, pretty good. I am tired, though.
Me: Me too. And hungry.
J: Yeah.
Me: What would you like for dinner?
J: Oh, I don't know. Whatever sounds good to you.
Me: What sounds good to me is to not have to decide.
J: (silence for at least a one mile)... I don't know...*heaves a sigh*
Me: (crossing my arms) Hmph.

Last night, however, I heard about this new book. Folks, I have solved our dinner decision problems. I simply need to made a bracket of dinner choices and let Jon do his thing. The Enlightened Bracketologist just saved my evenings.


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