But wait-- there's more!

We don't have cable. We have good old rabbit ears, which need to adjusted if we change channels to Fox from just about any other channel. This is not usually a problem, as we are more movie people than TV people. Reception on the DVDs is always top notch! This morning, however, we got caught in a tractor beam of infomercials.

How have I lived thirty years without the Sonic Blade?? This this is amazing, I tell you. It uses "proprietary 'Non-Compression Sonic Separation' Technology" to cut through foods without smooshing them. It is amazaing, I tell you!

Yep. It's an electric knife. The only thing being sonically separated is a fool and his money. J and I did get a good laugh out of it, though.


Big Red said…
If you ever get a chance to see this info-mercial, watch it! It is the most SNL-like infomercial I've ever seen, totally full of obvious tricks to make 'ordinary' knives look useless ( ex: They try cutting 6" tall sandwich with a chef's knife {non- serrated} and somewhere in the middle they wiggle the knife so the sandwich falls apart and makes a mess..) and they mention how the SOnic Blade keeps all the juices, nutrients and flavours in , IT'S A KNIFE, OF COURSE IT"S NOT GOING TO ADVERSLY ALTER THE FLAVOUR OF NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF THE FOOD, if yours do, WASH THEM........

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